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As the most important entry city in western common medications for high blood sugar Somalia, Baidabo can be said to be the most important strategic location In essence, its high degree of autonomy is only one step away from declaring independence Backed by neighboring Ethiopia, its armed forces are no less powerful than those of independent Puntland.

During the days when she was away, what happened to Lanshan Yucha, why did her temperament change drastically, and what happened to him? Gu Liuxi wanted to say something, but gently pushed Lanshan Yucha, only to find that he had fallen asleep, and fell asleep peacefully in her arms The sleeping Lanshan Yucha was a little less fierce, A little more refined, like a big kid.

Wan Jiayang said lightly Haven't you heard that this is something that the eminent monk brought, maybe it has common medications for high blood sugar a Buddhist spirit, don't worry, I feel that this thing is really destined for me, it's just 10 million, It's still a drop in the bucket! The grandfather and grandson were suddenly speechless.

Long Zixuan laughed silently, this posture was too ambiguous, and the body beneath him was exquisite and delicate, he couldn't help but want to do something He quickly pulled her up together, leaned on the sofa and hugged her, pulling the quilt over her.

There is an abandoned factory in front of him Although the situation is unknown, as the last retreat location, it is a place that is easy to defend and difficult to attack.

If the human beings have no choice, I will change my appetite! No, if his cultivation is not good, we can train him and make him our slave! Immediately, the place was as noisy as a cathedral, and there were nearly ten monsters hidden in the surrounding red diamond walls.

For example, Wang Zhizhi and Battelle can't play in the NBA Apart from the reasons of the Basketball Association, it is estimated that their own reasons are the key point.

The scene at this time was very strange, Tian Ye stared blankly at these two people who were not lovers but who were lovers Which one did the young couple how cures high blood sugar act in? Students below, please listen carefully.

With the movements of Lu Xiaoou and the others, the broken stones slid down to the ground one after another, breaking the quiet atmosphere of this land After a moment, Qi Ya said to Xiaojie that the two of them are in a group Then the four of them take control of diabetes planned to set off, but Xiaojie's lion's roar attracted a group of unexpected guests.

But treatment modalities for diabetes now is not the time to talk about Heizi, I took two big steps and came to the top of the altar again As a result, the situation at the top cost me two hundred and five.

Now that I think about it carefully, the moment I saw you for quick fix to lower blood sugar the first time after combat steroid high blood sugar with metformin I lost my memory, I felt that my entire gloomy eyes lit up At that time, the real estate consultant introduced Wang Yuan as your husband lower blood glucose quickly.

It can be said that in this prehistoric age, apart from Hongjun, even saints did not have a deep understanding of Zixiao Palace like Haotian searched for a long time in the chaotic world, suddenly he stopped and bowed to the chaotic void Disciple Haotian common medications for high blood sugar asked to see the teacher for something, and asked the teacher to show up.

Fenxiang's fate seemed to be decided in a few words, and the Zou family never said a single word about her after that The level of desolation made Cao Liangyu, the instigator, couldn't help but common medications for high blood sugar tremble all over.

Snod's pupils narrowed severely, he let out a breath, and pushed the glasses on the bridge common medications for high blood sugar of his nose This guy would only show this kind of action when he was concentrating on something.

The audience immediately burst into laughter, and everyone's favorability for the president of the Brotherhood Without Banners soared.

Is how to get my sugar down fast it necessary to use one to stop a hundred? Ruiheng clicked with his finger and adjusted the monitoring to the damaged battleship The battleship has already started repair work.

it before you go Shui Wu I don't have time, my daddy is waiting for me outside when class is not over Long Zixuan Oh, I'll get it for you Shui Wu felt bitter for a while, he went to get it? Isn't this a threat to her? Everything is going wrong.

Only then escaped from Qiu Qingshan's palm Of course, Qiu Qingshan has not yet mastered the entire North Sea Business Alliance, not even Brother Qiu, otherwise.

Becoming obsessed and unconscious, Chen Fan, who already held grudges, was furious, and directly killed the Outer Seas common medications for high blood sugar Merchant Alliance If he hadn't had some sense, he might have massacred the city.

If you follow it, you will be ordinary, and if you go against it, you will become immortal! Cultivators are going against the sky, and if they want to change their fate against the sky and gain an infinite lifespan, they have to go through the baptism of the common medications for high blood sugar catastrophe.

No, I'm still pointing how to get my blood sugar down quickly at you to give birth to my grandson, if it's broken, that brat won't recognize me as a father! Zidi's eyes were full of joy, and his gaze towards Yunxi became more and more loving Yun Xi rolled her eyes, she blood sugar pills and anti-aging hadn't gotten married yet, let alone had a baby.

At the party, the bride and groom will toast to all their relatives and friends, and then sing and dance to pray for a better future Zheng Yuer dressed how to lower blood sugar levels immediately up early in the morning The bright red riding outfit fully revealed her waist The gorgeous makeup made the originally delicate face a little more charming.

Shui Wu waved supplements to lower glucose at how much high blood sugar is ok him Come, let me show you the photo Mo Ling rushed over quickly, smiled while watching It's okay, I'm the most normal.

Woohoo, Yiyi! That gambler keeps losing, what should I do? What if you lose all your money? At this time, Ouyang Peipei finally couldn't bear it any longer.

I handed over my gun this time I admit it If something like this happens in the future, don't look for me It has nothing to do common medications for high blood sugar with me He didn't finish his sentence He got angry and walked away.

When Qin Yufei got down from the temple, Tian Si opened his eyes, Lord, you are finally out! Tian Si's tone was what can you take to lower your A1C indescribable, there was a hint of combat steroid high blood sugar with metformin surprise in the calmness He looked at Qin Yu with eyes full of approval.

He himself married a daughter-in-law in the early years, but later he couldn't bear his uselessness and ran away with others After he became a beard, he how to get my sugar down fast killed the woman's family.

Common Medications For High Blood Sugar ?

Boss Long waved his hand, and suddenly a dozen guns were aimed at Ye lower blood glucose quickly Fan, and dozens of guns were aimed at Ye Fan's brothers Ye Fan's brothers immediately pulled out their machetes, and only a few held them a pistol Brother Ye, if I don't let you go today, you won't be able to go.

The Haotian consciousness of the whole world is trapped and locked Listening to this existence talking to himself, some vague thoughts came to Liu Bu's mind.

After more than ten minutes, I heard my aunt Bai Mo'er's surprised voice inside Yu Lan, use a little more things to prevent diabetes force, and it will come out, it's a man with a handle! Then, there was another crying cry, loud and how to reduce blood glucose levels naturally loud, three points louder than the one just now.

Outside the imperial study, those waiting rebels, some Nascent Soul old monsters, and Prime Minister Li heard the second prince's voice clearly With best drugs for high blood sugar the sound of crying and howling, he walked in immediately only to see the emperor who had been dead for a long time, and his body had become cold.

Great, this old thief is finally dead! An old Nascent Soul monster, looking at the corpse of the emperor, suddenly burst into laughter, full of joy Even Prime Minister Li couldn't help showing a smile.

With Sun Wukong's temperament, apart from Chen Fan, who is the Bodhi Patriarch, and the Tathagata Buddha who has made him suffer, he can be convinced Now that he sees common medications for high blood sugar a new companion on the way to the west, he must weigh it immediately.

The longer Fang Yu stayed in the seven circles of plum blossoms, the more and more plum blossoms he was attacked, but in the end Fang Yu still did not die Dan Wang controlled Ling Xiaojian and Qian Kun reversed Ding Yi's rush without hesitation At this time, he was suppressed by my Plum Blossom Seven Realm.

One-third of the source of Taiji has been taken away by how to get my blood sugar down quickly Luo Tian, and two-thirds of the original source of Taiji has been eliminated a lot If the source disappears, Taiji Diagram will be nothing Worked.

Situ Wule frowned in disgust, and quickly walked through the hall to a private room door! He stopped at the door of a cinnamon for high blood sugar WebMD box near the how much high blood sugar is ok inside.

fell swoop? And you? Do you really want to be a dog? Don't you take revenge on your brother? Something that belongs to you! Don't want to come back? Ren Changfeng's words hurt the hatred hidden common medications for high blood sugar in Situ Wule's heart, and his whole color became gloomy.

His face was pale yellow like gold leaf, his body seemed to have been thrown into the mud, and his behavior became difficult Without delay, Wang Hu triggered the ice mirror effect.

But the mixed power of the rules that Canglang said made him feel resentment Every practitioner knows that the absorption of mixed power is harmful but not beneficial.

Lower Blood Glucose Quickly ?

One by one, Li Feng smashed the three undead knights who were dragged down by the heavy armor, and the three undead how to treat high blood sugar type 2 diabetes knights, together with the heavy armor they were how to reduce blood glucose levels naturally wearing, into discus Zhuan Zhu looked at the death knight in shock when he saw the embarrassed look on his face.

Bai Yeyu naturally saw her actions, pretended to ignore her, greeted her gently with a smile, and Li Muxin turned around and went to the elevator with him side by side.

Judging from the current situation, if we want to get a foot in, it will be a bit difficult, and Fengnan City also has very strict blood sugar defense otc pills control over Cursos PalmaEduca the organization's specifications, but any gang or faction with more than 500 members will It was wiped out, that is to say, the number of people could not exceed five hundred Tie Zhu told Ye Fan all the recent news and the current situation in Fengnan City.

good! When everyone saw it, they picked up their glasses and supplements to lower glucose went to drink Shui Meiya then retreated behind the sofa with her mouth flattened and her expression unhappily expressed.

Looking at this national war, his apprentices quick fix to lower blood sugar simply don't take the top-grade magic spar as a treasure, just like the stones on the side of the road No way, 100 drugs type 2 diabetes million top-quality magic crystals will kill you.

He understood Wen Xia's excellence, and also understood that it would be better if she Cursos PalmaEduca went to the Zhongchuan Conference But with an inexplicable possessive desire, he tried to tamper with her wishes and trapped her by his side In fact, Luo Chongxun really wanted to go back and find out by himself, but he was afraid that he would not be there.

level is that master uncle who is known as a genius? Or, should I go find the Great Elder who ambushed me! I also come to an ambush? Thinking of this, his eyes bulged! Even the mental state of the whole person has undergone a wonderful change.

so cool! A group of fans who dare not talk nonsense gathered in the fan group to be complacent and sincerely happy for their goddess of prosperity Even if there are ugly voices on the Internet from time to time, they still cannot dispel their excitement.

common medications for high blood sugar

It's still the same sentence, people are more angry than people a man should stand up in treatment modalities for diabetes front of a woman, but it is too common for people who can say that they are extravagant but lower blood glucose quickly can't do it.

Gongyangfan also nodded It doesn't seem good for us to do this Humph, this is It's the rules set by the Lord God, don't you all read the rules of heaven? Xue how to reduce blood glucose levels naturally Wuya said coldly.

Instead, he ordered all his troops to withdraw from the commercial port area, so as to be on the verge of revolution in the future However, as the boss of the Nanjing government, the commander-in-chief Chiang did not do nothing.

common medications for high blood sugar Under the bombardment of beast army planes, Chiang Kai-shek and his brother Huang Yu fled to Dangjiazhuang Station on horseback, and at the same time moved his headquarters here Commander-in-Chief Chiang, who was still in shock, didn't even forget the word forbearance at this time.

For the National Film Festival, she should have done the opposite abandon the queen, and get both the best common medications for high blood sugar female supporting role and the best newcomer.

Different from antiques, in the high-end diamond jewelry whose value is basically judged, although the price of this diamond necklace called Love Nest has not doubled the base price, the increase natural blood sugar remedies of 13 million yuan is enough to make many rich people speechless up.

After turning off the communicator, Hua Xianger drove how to reduce blood sugar levels immediately at home wildly, but the speed was not as exaggerated as what Hua Xianger said to Xuanyuan Qingtian.

But it's common medications for high blood sugar okay to run away from the iron plow, there are still six monks here, and the fairy mines on them are basically the same amount.

There is no impenetrable wall in the world How could those gods who successfully traded the gourmet set meals miss such an opportunity to show off.

Here I am fasting and vegetarian, and taught me to follow Those who learn the scriptures go good meds for prediabetes blood sugar to the west to worship the Buddha to seek the scriptures, and they will pay off their merits and sins, and they will get a righteous result Teach me to wait for him, I haven't heard the news for several years.

Sima Lang felt a headache, where is Mu Qingchen? There common medications for high blood sugar was no other way, he took Sima Shitian's little hand, and was about to go to the sleeper school, and Ouyang Yunmu said that he would also go with him.

It was clear and clear that the energy source at the bottom of the volcano was throbbing, as if it had awakened! There is already a gap in strength, not to mention, it is still in the territory of the deity? These common medications for high blood sugar flames and magma should be used as fireworks to send you off, boy, I gave you a chance, but you don't cherish it Emperor Yan, fireworks, earth-shaking! Andis gently guided it with his hand, and a flame flew out of its body.

It is not impossible for him to accept Zidi again! The young man in white and Yu Qingcheng naturally didn't know new diabetes medications 2022 Yu Huaji's wishful thinking, and after seeing Yu Huaji's move, they all followed suit The two teamed up, erupting with extremely terrifying power, and blasted together with the feathered and extremely covering palms.

Are you not common medications for high blood sugar skinny? Fat Huo curled his mouth and said with a smile, Andis, don't you hate me? hatred? Of course I hate, but it's just hating myself, hating myself for being stupid.

common medications for high blood sugar There is another important person in Tiandu, but no one knows who she is, because the world has never seen her It was an elegant woman, bathed in colorful auspicious light, and full of fragrance.

people all over how to reduce blood glucose levels naturally the world about the clever plan of Britain's clearly repairing plank roads cinnamon for high blood sugar WebMD and secretly hiding old warehouses Their active efforts have made our righteous and brave American people understand the evil Long Hao is not invincible.

Is it finally time for us to make a move? The gloomy way of the lost dream boy, very bloodthirsty, taste the sweet tongue Sweet lips, excited.

In the originally dull eyes of the woman in Tsing Yi, after hearing Feng Junxi's narration, a faint look of surprise flashed across, and then returned to silence what can you take to lower your A1C The news that Tiandu had wiped out the Tiangong camp spread like a torrent throughout the heavens and myriad worlds.

From the center of the earth where the underground stars are located to reach the comprehension tribe, it does not take long to pass through the teleportation array When the sunny day reached the ground, it was found that the sky was dark and without any brilliance.

On April 4th of the same year, Japan first ordered Minister Keisuke Ohtori to lead a small force into Seoul under the clumsy pretext of'protecting overseas Chinese' and then mobilized the local army to transport them in batches by naval warships and landed on the Korean peninsula.

She had to go to a whole new level, even if she couldn't become enlightened, she would 28 days to diabetes control be able drugs type 2 diabetes to master the ability to resist the emperor in the catastrophe of the world.

Of course, the laughing ones were all men, while the women rolled their eyes, calling Qing a bastard and a whore, while secretly thinking that it would be fine if this villain and whore was theirs Women have always been duplicity animals, Chen Xuan is the same.

Liuhua sighed in a low voice, unbearable flashed in his eyes, then he looked up at Yumura, is it really a sea monster? Who knows, maybe it hit a rock.

The appearance of the Buddha's light was too abrupt Lu Ming really didn't expect the appearance of the Buddha's light, but after a moment of surprise, he became overjoyed.

Feng Chenxi quickly grabbed Yu Qingcheng, and told her that common medications for high blood sugar he was very happy, and he wanted to get through the catastrophe as soon as possible, and return to Tiandu to see his little daughter.

Although waiting for other people's infighting seems to be a trick, but the withdrawal of the Japanese army from the Korean peninsula means that they want to covet the blood glucose is lowered in diabetes by Liaodong Peninsula and Northeast China again.

disease! Sacrifice the buddha leaves, the simple and simple bronze leaves flow with thirty-two colors, things to prevent diabetes blooming the light of Hunyuan get my blood sugar down fast Buddha The bay leaves were sacrificed by Lu Ming, devouring the red smoke like a giant whale sucking water But for a moment, all the red smoke was swallowed up by the baby buddha leaf.

Last time, Ming Dian was let go, this time, let her completely drink her hatred! Feng Chenxi made list of antidiabetic drugs a bold move and blasted towards the world barrier in front of him Arrived in the Great Thousand World where Hades lives.

Mr. Wen, I want to ask, why do we spend money to help the Japanese prepare for war? Hong Zaigen took away the WIC like a treasure, and asked with a flattering smile You don't have to worry about this, I'll tell you what the above means.

I've decided on type ii diabetes drugs the direction, and that's it Long Hao thought for a moment, and decided to take a gamble, so he turned his palm, revealing the dazzling golden luster.

Feng Chenxi nodded, leaving the world of relics, he immediately sacrificed the relics, who will give this world of relics after the sacrifice is completed? Feng Chenxi put down this question first, and moved forward quickly.

Oops, I forgot Hashiki, this girl might blame me again when she comes back Hamura shook her head, got up to prepare ingredients, but supplements to lower glucose before that, she went to the bathroom to prepare warm water Hamura, who came out of the bathroom, always felt as if he had forgotten something Forget it, the things that can be forgotten by me are probably less important than the shape of a stone on the side of the road.

With a slight smile, Yushiki slowly released the bath towel on his body, fully presenting his flawless jade body in front of Yumura Her skin was fair common medications for high blood sugar and flawless, common medications for high blood sugar with a hint of pink and a translucent luster, which was extremely moving.

After all, it may have been two thousand years since he left, but in this small world, it has only been twenty years! Don't read it, I've already figured it out, the time flow in this world is extremely long, at least a hundred times faster than the outside world.

Brother, can you do it? Emperor Xia asked in surprise, he found that this man was against the sky, how heavy the sacred fruit of heaven and earth was The Cursos PalmaEduca man held how much high blood sugar is ok it in his hand, as if holding a bean sprout seed, as light as nothing.

Hahaha, the dream of opening the sky is finally completed Yes, haha! The Lord of the Immortal Mausoleum was also listening, and couldn't hide it at all, and Feng Chenxi didn't care When the Lord of Xianling heard this, he laughed wildly.

The blessing of misfortune, the birth of the shadow Lu common medications for high blood sugar Ming, is naturally a disaster for Lu Ming, but it is precisely because of this misfortune that he can pass the second Taiyi trial, which is also a blessing.

Maybe, the last barrier of the heavens, can be crushed by it Sure enough, as Feng Chenxi expected, the last barrier of the heavens began to crumble Although the speed was very slow, it continued to accelerate.

He has already cultivated a first-level primordial body, so it is not easy to control the power of Kuiba? It is easy to control the power of Kuiba, but it is difficult to protect the clear consciousness It seems that the Qingxin Xuanguang Daoyu must be obtained.

When I get a chance, I must apologize to Hai Mo Hamura glanced at the absent-minded Haimo again, and let go of the matter, but there was still something in his heart that made him a little bit unable to let go.

Ying, but the power that is only leaked occasionally has also caused extreme discomfort among the factory employees! The divine power of the Vajra World, the powerful Vajra Palm! The god possessed by Uncle Ying seems to new diabetes type 2 drugs be a certain god in Doubu.

somehow five years ago He fell deeply in love with Cheng Yuqin, the daughter of Huayanzong Zheng Zongzhu, but the family did not want him to waste his great talent on the affair between men and women, so they obstructed him in every possible way In a rage, Shaolang announced that he would leave the family and join the Huayan Sect.

How To Reduce Blood Glucose Levels Naturally ?

Why are you so careless that the wraith mixed into us? True Martial Spirit Academy! The faces of those elders changed slightly, and even the faces of the law enforcement officers in black also changed They looked at the bloody baby-like object in Quan Tianlei's hands, and felt a little terrified for a while The death jedi is between the Fire Linjing and the Meteor King Realm.

Luo Jijun smiled, this time the army is going to organize people for advanced training, and then they will form a how to reduce blood sugar levels immediately at home high-tech natural blood sugar remedies army, maybe it has something to do with this.

Jiufang Xia stood still, with a muffled smile stuck in his throat Are you comfortable? It took Long Yu a long time to catch his breath, and he best drugs for high blood sugar felt that the depths of his body were filled and stretched, as if there was not a single gap left.

how to reduce blood sugar levels immediately at home how to get my blood sugar down quickly do this, you can't even hear the rumors common medications for high blood sugar outside, and you can't see anything, so you're just pretending to be stupid here I also thought of taking advantage of the situation after I knew Liufang.

It is precisely because many high-level professionals did not ponder over this detail that they died without the extra energy from the opponent Therefore, Lu Yu provided the how to get my blood sugar down quickly best environment for all the seventh-level professionals on Duke Wood's side.

Jiang Yu couldn't help but nodded, thinking that this is an obedient guy If he things to prevent diabetes is disobedient, let his two-year-old son succeed him how to lower blood sugar levels immediately.

After common medications for high blood sugar posing this strange ancient combat technique posture, Qin Fan circulated his spiritual power, and the explosive power began to condense.

The lower body that was originally moving, at the moment when Lin Yu was a little slack, two tails like sword whips rushed over, as if a giant python was like lightning, so fast that people couldn't react at all.

The golden spear directly killed the sky and the earth was dark, where the spear head passed, large tracts of trees turned into dust and flew away, it was really terrifying.

The first thing to do is to form combat steroid high blood sugar with metformin a game production team and then divide and cooperate according to your plan! Wu Ming nodded and said The predecessor of this game is a community game on our official website of Shaoyun Group I will hand over 28 days to diabetes control the formation of the game production team to her.

The 28 days to diabetes control first ancestors of the Qiongqi clan were mortals, half human and half demon because they possessed the essence and blood of Qiongqi fierce beasts.

She remembered that the earliest Bingshuang was Debei There were only 5,000 units on the market in 2000, and they list of antidiabetic drugs were sold out without advertising Popular recommendation , Jiufang Xia smiled, can't say, can't say.

Before reaching Fulong Mountain, a gust of wind blew, and Xue Congliang's pot almost turned into an umbrella, almost taking Xue Congliang into the air Xue Congliang staggered a few steps and nearly fell.

A person who has not yet become famous in the younger generation, who wants to fight the Nangong Sword Saint, is he an extraordinary person This brother is going to fight against me lower blood glucose quickly for number one in the world, regardless of success or failure, I will offer you a toast.

Since the development of 3D technology more than 20 years ago, the public generally believes that 3D movies will become the mainstream supplements to lower glucose of future movies Although there has been no progress in d technology for more than two decades.

At its peak, it once occupied one-third of list of antidiabetic drugs the main mortal stars There is a master, nine assistants, and ten stars in the ten directions.

After Listening to the Sea, there will be badboy! Lin Jieyu also needs to change her style, an eye-catching one! Sometimes, it would be an excellent thing for a singer to present a new style of song, because this time it quickly attracts the attention of all parties Qin Tang knew that Lin Jieyu's path before was still too narrow.

The tyrannical spell output of the upper three-tailed demon fox and the terrifying sword skills blood sugar control tablets harvesting ability of Bai Yi defeated the employees of Group A in just an instant! Qinglang got up slowly, he twisted the shattered'periosteum' secretly reckoning that it might take some time to restore it However, the strength of the Yin Corpse Dharma Body is gradually realized.

Among those present, who could resist Ah San's entry for a moment, except herself, the only one who was protecting Xiao Yueying in the background was Dai Li! But Dai Li's task is heavier than his own! He had to common medications for high blood sugar protect Xiao Yueying, or Axiu was also attached.

Once the price of the second box was called, someone adjusted the price, adding two thousand at a time, and all the onlookers gasped, because it was the behemoths in front who started the auction Someone in Box No 1 continued how to treat high blood sugar type 2 diabetes to increase the fare.

Beads of white liquefied spiritual power Under Wu Liang's urging, the cable chain turned into a straight spear and stabbed fiercely common medications for high blood sugar at the tall man.

Lan Jianhan's eyes were full of longing for the future, and at the same time, there was unparalleled self-confidence Can you suffocate to death? Lu Yuan rolled his eyes at Ming Wentian.

Before resting for a while, Long Yu suddenly tensed up, she heard someone talking, and it was definitely not the familiar voice of Mo Li and the others.

Fang Li clenched his fists tightly, shouted angrily, and rushed towards Li Chi violently Go to hell! Looking at Fang Li who was attacking, Li Chi's face was heavy, and he kept stepping back Although Fang Li was seriously injured now, it was still easy to deal with him.

the ninth in the last session is enough? Wu Zhaoshen took a step back I'm going to challenge Ms Mu, what are you doing up here, go away, go away, don't hinder this young master's performance! Before Miss Mu, this young master would not accept.

Arrogant guy, didn't Qinglang tell you that I am also a disciple of the common medications for high blood sugar master? Ah Hai was furious, and took out a lavender talisman from his bosom When the talisman appeared, Tu Qianjun's complexion suddenly changed, and he looked over solemnly.

What are you? Seeing that you are about the same age as common medications for high blood sugar Brother Lan, why do you look so earth-shattering and have no resolution? Madou swallowed a mouthful of old blood in his throat, and his whole face turned purple He didn't know what resolution was, but Lu Yuan's words were indeed a sharp edge that killed people without blood.


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